Delivery time

All products are shipped directly from overseas.
Depending on the product and the location of the factory,
It may take up to a month for the item to arrive.

We can provide you with the product tracking number for most products.


1 Order

You make a purchase and place an order.
We will confirm your order.

2 We accept orders.

We will instruct delivery to overseas production factories.

3 Overseas production factory packs your goods
  I will ship it.

4 We will be notified by the overseas production factory that the shipment has been completed.

We will send you a shipping completion email.

5 Ships and airmail

Your goods will be shipped by sea or air, which you can track.

6  Domestic arrival

Your goods arrive at domestic customs.

7  Reach your hands

Your item will be delivered to you by a domestic shipping company.


How to track your shipment→

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