Legal notice

Business name
Operation manager Kazutomi Takahashi
Location 4-5-11 Toyo, Koto-ku
Selling price Amount displayed on the product page (tax included)
Ancillary costs other than the product price such as shipping fee Shipping Fee (Please see the product page for details.)  
Payment method Various credit cards / Google Pay / PayPal / Amazon Pay
Payment time Credit Card: At the time of billing by your credit card company
Google Pay / PayPal /: At the time of billing for each credit company registered in each account
Delivery time of products

Delivery date listed in the shopping guide

We will ship directly from overseas to you.

* Approximately 15 to 30 days after ordering

Acceptance and conditions of returns and exchanges

Only if the received item is irreparably damaged or soiled, it can be exchanged for a new item or refunded.

If you would like to exchange it, please contact us from the inquiry form.
We will respond after checking the stock.
If it is in stock, it will be delivered in the same number of days as when you first ordered it.
If it is out of stock, we will refund it.

* We cannot accept exchanges in the following cases.

  • Products that have been used even once
  • Some paint peeling on some ornaments
  • Items that have been delivered for more than 8 days
  • When damage, stains, etc. occur due to customer's negligence
  • Replacement due to customer's convenience such as different from the image, size does not fit, etc.